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Our Brands

Our Brands

Golden Padi Rice


The best rice grains are grown in the north-east region of Thailand. Our Golden Padi brand uses only the fragrant Thai jasmine rice, or Thai Hom Mali rice, cultivated in these specific regions and harvested from select farms.

Guided by our vast experience, we then age the grains to perfection before they reach our customers.

Every bowl of steaming rice from our Golden Padi line yields an unparalleled experience in taste and appearance – a bowl of perfection every time.

When you serve our Golden Padi Thai Hom Mali rice, your customers will know that you have served them the best.

“Golden Padi, rice Aged to Perfection”

Golden Stars

Our Golden Stars brand offers quality rice grains that are carefully selected from renowned rice-growing regions.

Using our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Singapore, we expertly prepare these grains that are versatile enough to be used in many types of popular cuisine to satisfy the most diverse taste buds.

We’re confident that there’s a Golden Stars grain that will make your cuisine more satisfying to your customers.

“Golden Stars, the Right Grain for your Cuisine”

GHL Pure Cooking Oil

Our GHL Brand of cooking oil is highly versatle and perfect for general purpose cooking, including deep frying.

“100% Pure Cooking Oil”