Singapore’s Leading Rice Specialist


For Business

  • Over half a century’s worth of knowledge and expertise in rice gives us an advantage in sourcing for the best grains from various rice growing regions in the world. We work with suppliers that are the most established agricultural companies.
  • The range of rice grains we offer caters to various types of cuisine and will satisfy the most diverse tastebuds.
  • Our reliable supply and quality assurance adds value to our customers’ businesses.

Service Ethos

Pursuing Excellence for Our Customers

At Gan Hup Lee, we pride ourselves in being a rice specialist who understands the needs of foodservice businesses. We measure our own success by the success of our customers.

Backed by a dedicated team that offers comprehensive support – from orders to logistics, from rice aging to white labeling – we go the extra mile to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our digital invoicing system ensures a seamless and hassle-free delivery experience. Powered by GPS technology and countrywide route mapping, we are able to ensure timely deliveries. To every challenge, we tackle it with a solutions-oriented mindset, making customer satisfaction our top priority.

Perhaps for this reason, many national institutions such as the armed forces and hospitals, airlines and household F&B brands have chosen Gan Hup Lee to be their partner of choice.

Our Commitment

Ensuring Peace of Mind for Our Products

Gan Hup Lee places paramount importance on product quality. Our experienced QC team and HACCP certification assure the highest standards in rice selection and safety. From the warehouse to the kitchen, we diligently safeguard the last mile of rice fulfillment for every customer. Thus, we enable our customers to focus on their own culinary forte and succeed.