Our technology

Research and Development

Being a major rice importer has not stopped us from investing in R&D.

By observing market trends, we react to changing consumer needs with constant innovation and offer creative food solutions at more convenience.

Your needs spur us to relook and redefine our business services and product offerings. Not one to rest on our laurels, we look for ways to improve and enhance our products, whether through sourcing for new ingredients, improving quality or more effective packaging.

Our technology

quality assurance

The quality control checks we have put in place demands the most stringent standards of food hygiene and safety standards for local and overseas consumers.

  • ISO 22000 Certified

  • HACCP Certified

  • AVA Grade A Rating (6 Consecutive Years)

Our technology

Expert capabilities

  • Rice grain storage, milling and sorting facilities in our headquarters and factory in Singapore enables us to process a wide variety of rice grains.

    Possessing a long and rich knowledge of rice grains enables us to be intimately familiar with all the subtle properties and characteristics of different grain types. This gives us the ability to provide the right rice grain to our customers for use in various types of cuisine.

    Our latest technology plant contains a precision input line to pack rice to a high level of accuracy, rice colour sorting machine that selectively chooses grains to exact specifications, rice polishing machine and sifter, and metal detectors at our packing lines that adheres to strict safety checks.

    This level of technology investment has put us ahead of the competition as we strive to ensure every bowl of our rice satisfies our customers. It also allows customization according to our specifications with absolute consistency.

Equipment and machinery

  • Precision input line

    Our loss-in-weight machines allow us to pack rice up to a precision value of 3 decimal points in our Input Line

  • Rice COlor sorter machine

    Our cutting- edge colour sorter is equipped with a full colour camera to detect the slightest colour differences such as light yellow grains.

    Rejected grains will be ejected from the sorter machine. Precise sorting is achieved via a 3-stage sorting system. Rejects from primary sort will be sorted twice to ensure only quality grains are selected.

  • Rice Polishing machine and sifter

    The polishing machine cleans the surface of every rice grain, making each one smooth, clean and significantly enhancing its quality and appearance. It also keeps the rice kernel intact and whole. The residual bran is removed to give rice a longer shelf life.

    The rotary sifter can separate and minimise weevils from rice grains, ensuring only clean and quality grains are packed for consumption.

  • Packing line

    As a final check, every bag of rice in our packing line goes through a metal detector to check for any presence of metals, before they are delivered to our customers.