For ConsumersYamie rice - a cleverly tasty solution

Want something quick and easy to whip up?

YAMIE offers you a Clever solution with Tasty results!

YAMIE Ready-To-Cook Rice

is a conveniently packaged food that contains fragrant quality rice mixed with carefully selected ingredients and spices.

A clever choice for the modern woman, YAMIE offers a quick option to serving up a satisfying home-cooked meal, without the long hours of preparation, and letting families enjoy more quality time together.

Your family and friends will wonder how you made something so delicious so quickly.

YAMIE Rice has NO Trans- Fat,
NO artificial colouring, NO added MSG and NO preservatives.

It also does not contain meat and is


  • Singapore Chicken Rice

    Fragrant Jasmine Rice with delicious chicken flavor

  • Chinese Yam Rice

    Fragrant Jasmine Rice with taro, shiitake mushrooms and dried shrimps

  • Chinese Claypot Rice

    Fragrant Jasmine Rice in a rich, smoky flavor with shiitake mushrooms

  • Singapore Briyani Rice

    Aromatic Basmati Rice in rich, flavorful spices with raisins and nuts

  • Indonesian Sambal Rice

    Fragrant Jasmine Rice in savory spices with anchovies

  • Thai Tom Yum Rice

    Fragrant Jasmine Rice in tangy, spicy flavors with squid

There is no shortcut to qualityCertifications

Halal certificate

Product of Singapore awarded by Singapore Tourism Board

Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador

A growing food group

  • An appreciation for quality, taste and lasting values has motivated us to invest in R&D, where we come up with convenient food solutions.

    Yamie, our consumer retail brand, is how we share our passion for wholesome, delicious food. It offers delicious, ready-to-cook meals that many can enjoy in minutes.

    We look to grow our product varieties to give a wider range of choices to customers who enjoy different kinds of cuisine and want to prepare these dishes easily and quickly.

Spreading our wings beyond

  • We are excited about continuing our legacy of goodness by meeting the needs of today’s highly-discerning consumers from all over the world with relevant and dynamic food solutions.