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In 1949, our founder Mr Gan Koon Tek set up a small grocery store in Singapore’s Little India district.

More than six decades later, we have grown to become one of the country’s largest importers and distributors of rice. We are also a partner in the nation’s strategic food reserves, committing two-thirds of our imported rice volumes to the national stockpiling of rice. Our company, Gan Hup Lee, has always provided a rich heritage in taste through our wide variety of rice. We have since complemented the range of our rice grains with easy-to-prepare packaged foods. Our state-of-the art rice manufacturing plant, coupled with our Quality Control laboratory, helped us attain accreditation for quality and in food safety standards. Our Research & Development expertise has established our reputation for product innovation, giving rise to the popular Yamie Rice range. Adding value to our customers increases our own worth. We aim to maintain our service and quality standards to meet our customers' expectations every time.


Late Mr. Gan started his business with a simple but profound vision: help his customers and improve the community around him. Today, that vision continues to define and energise the company.

To each person, a fair portion

This was one of Koon Tek’s ethos in life.
A standard we continue to actively practice.

Lasting Partnerships

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Rice Exporter

We export our rice and rice products, including Yamie Rice, to overseas markets.