Aboutgan hup lee

In 1949, our founder Mr Gan Koon Tek set up a small grocery store in Singapore’s Little India district.

More than six decades later, we have grown to become one of the country’s largest importers and distributors of rice. We are also a partner in the nation’s strategic food reserves, committing two-thirds of our imported rice volumes to the national stockpiling of rice.

Our company, Gan Hup Lee, has always provided a rich heritage in taste through our wide variety of rice. We have since complemented the range of our rice grains with easy-to-prepare packaged foods.

Our state-of-the art rice manufacturing plant, coupled with our Quality Control laboratory, helped us attain accreditation for quality and in food safety standards. Our Research & Development expertise has established our reputation for product innovation, giving rise to the popular Yamie Rice range.

Adding value to our customers increases our own worth. We aim to maintain our service and quality standards to meet our customers’ expectations every time.


Late Mr. Gan started his business with a simple but profound vision: help his customers and improve the community around him. Today, that vision continues to define and energise the company.

To each person, a fair portion

This was one of Koon Tek’s ethos in life.
A standard we continue to actively practice.

Lasting Partnerships

  • One of our most satisfying achievements has been to continue longstanding relationships with many of our customers. Some of our founder Gan Koon Tek’s original customers continue to be our loyal partners. We are also blessed to have many long serving employees.

  • At Gan Hup Lee, we believe that deep and long relationships are our true measure of success. They validate the core values that have guided the company since 1949 – Integrity, Teamwork and Commitment.

  • Success is achieved by paying attention to the little details – we listen carefully to our customers and grow with them. We’re proud to continue serving our valued customers, some for over 30 years.

Timeline history ofgan hup lee

  • Rice Retailer, Clive Street

    Our founder and then-entrepreneur, Mr Gan Koon Tek, started Gan Hup Lee as a small grocery shop.

    We have come a long way since 1949. Not resting on our laurels, we constantly seek to upgrade and integrate our business upstream. We believe that change is a constant and that spirit has kept us forging ahead, to embrace new technologies, knowledge and expertise through the years.

  • Rice Distributor, Dickson Road

    We began distributing rice to hawker centres and restaurants.

  • Rice Distributor, Ubi Avenue

    We moved to a bigger warehouse to store more products.

  • Rice Importer, Ubi Avenue

    We became a Private Limited company and started importing rice.

  • Rice Manufacturer, Chin Bee Avenue

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was built to improve our quality processes and develop R&D capabilities.


Rice Specialist

Singapore’s leading rice specialist, backed by more than  70 years of expertise.


  • Company Vision

    • To be a leading Asian food group that offers delectable food products with heritage and tradition to consumers everywhere, connecting peoples and cultures, one meal at a time.
    • To transform the company from a family business to a professionally managed business enterprise, building a legacy of goodness into the future millennium.
  • Company Mission

    We are passionate about bringing heritage foods and taste experiences from around the world to our customers through our brands and products. We do so guided daily by the founding principles of our business:

      1. We are committed to deliver uncompromised food quality, authenticity and value to every customer
      2. We embrace integrity in service and pursue attention to details for our business partners
      3. We help our people realise their potential, in harmony with the company’s commercial goals
      4. We continue to practise our founding belief of “To each person, a fair portion”, and to extend this spirit to improve the lives of our community wherever we are
      5. We nurture leadership and teamwork among our people to ensure business sustainability and growth
  • Company Values

    • Integrity

      1. It begins with this simple premise: we listen to our customers. Paying attention to their needs helps us as we continuously innovate to provide quality products that serve their needs.
      2. As part of our willingness to listen, we believe that a sincere and open approach with our partners and stakeholders, framed by an honest and fair mind-set will help us do the right things in the right way. We take ownership of our tasks and our actions. We will not compromise on quality nor misrepresent our actions or products in any way.
    • Teamwork

      1. A ‘people-first’ focus drives our work attitude. We foster positive relationships with our staff, business partners and the larger community. Be it recruiting new hires, meeting our customers’ needs or giving back to society, we work as a team to add value to all these relationships.
      2. Our staff, as diverse as they are, are our greatest asset. Our workplace is an inclusive environment that embraces change and new ideas for the better. Trust, mutual respect and care are key tenets in our organisation, and these values are actively pursued at all levels of the company. We win and celebrate as a team; doing what we love and loving what we do together.
    • Commitment

      1. We are committed to growing with our partners.  Longstanding relationships with some of our customers have been nurtured since the days of our founder.  And today, we continue to actively forge strong partnerships with new customers through the same dedication.  We promise to deliver outstanding products and unsurpassed service by adopting best practices, technology and innovation.  Our passion for our brands, products and our people is what drives us to seek greater success as we safeguard our reputation of being a fair and honest employer, as well as a trusted business partner.
  • Professionalism

    We embrace diversity and adopt positive change in our company by engaging professionals of high calibre in leadership and management positions. At the same time, our people care, trust and respect each other while leveraging on our core values.